Our Custom Dental Implants vs. Other Dentures

Swiss Dental Implant Center  -  Swiss Technique natural custom dental implants - Portland Oregon ORA common problem of denture wearers is dissatisfaction with appearance. The mass production of cheap dentures has brought us artificial teeth of uniform size, shape, and color. All possess the monotony of sameness – dull, lifeless teeth placed in a picket fence arrangement. The “false teeth” appearance is dreaded by every denture wearer who has known this neutered look (neither masculine nor feminine). We aim to rid society of the “denture look” through our Custom Dental Implants

Men’s and women’s teeth have distinctly different characteristics. Men’s are inherently more angular, rugged and masculine. Women’s are round, soft and feminine. In denture fabrication, keeping a woman a woman and a man a man is of primary importance with our custom dental implants. The degree of masculinity or femininity is left to my patient’s discretion.

Thousands of people have suffered repressed personalities. These individuals hide their teeth by looking away, covering their mouth with their hands, or just not smiling. Self consciousness is always present. In the dental profession I have an obligation to my patients to create custom dental implants which are completely natural and allow a totally uninhibited smile. My greatest challenge is to destroy the denture look.

Custom made, natural looking dental implants

My personal denture care is the art, practice, and technique of creating the illusion of natural teeth in artificial dentures. It is based on three vital factors: gender, personality and age. Each of these factors plays a separate role of importance and cannot be overlooked.

The foundation of my practice is to enhance the naturalness of appearance for my patients by contributing to the beauty, charm, character, and dignity of their smiles. I have the tools at my command to create the illusion of any desired age. As a highly skilled specialist, I can use beautiful imported teeth with distinctly masculine or feminine characteristics to create an arrangement that totally suits your personality and age. It is common to give back ten years in appearance and even more.  Many times self confidence is totally regained by having a custom denture made  that mimics a persons own natural teeth, rather than settling for low cost cheap dentures which will detract from your faces natural structure and beauty.

This denture concept is the ultimate adventure in cosmetic art and a most rewarding one.