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Swiss Dental Implant Center - Founder and Dental Implant Specialist David Chiovelli - Portland Oregon OR

David Chiovelli D.D., Founder
Dental Implant Specialist

Artificial teeth come in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes and styles, which can be overwhelming. A Dental Implant Specialist will help those facing the important decision of what´s best for their mouth when teeth are lost. There is no one style of generic dentures that will work for everyone, and that is because every individual has a different mouth.

Fortunately for the residents of Portland, Swiss Dental Implant Centers were first established in Portland, Oregon, USA in 1984, and our dental implant specialists continue to offer and provide the highest caliber denture services available today for all of our patients in the United States. My experienced team of dental implant specialists, dentists and denturists is well versed in all of the options available today. Our treatment is second to none and constitutes the leading edge of denture prosthetic technology.

Our Swiss Denture Technique

Our revered Swiss Dental Implant Technique and its advantages in clinical applications to patients is acknowledged world-wide, and many mentions of these Swiss Dental Implant advantages can be found in published articles, literature, and online.

It is my first priority to give patients all the information they need in a relaxed atmosphere to make a proper, educated decision. I really believe that this is the only way to have a truly happy patient and successful outcome. Because of this philosophy, I offer a complementary, private consultation for each new client. During this meeting, I listen and gather information until I have a solid understanding of your concerns and what you are looking for. I’ll discuss all aspects of the denture creation process and what you can expect from me. Different denture teeth and occlusal schemes (the ways artificial teeth are positioned in a denture) are meant to address different issues. For instance, a person who can no longer chew meat with their existing denture will have a different set of concerns from someone who is losing their teeth due to gum disease. Simply put, every individual person has a different mouth requiring different needs.

Why our Dental Implants are better

My goal is to make dentures or partials that will solve each individual patient´s problems. I offer exclusively custom designs made with the highest quality materials. The dreaded `denture look´ is nowhere to be found here. I bring my in-depth understanding of the human body, having studied anatomy and physiology for five years at the U of A before even starting my dental training. This knowledge enables me to make precise decisions about which course of treatment and materials are best suited for each patient.

I’ve worked with clients aged 10 to 97 who have needed dentures for a broad range of reasons — from those involved in massive trauma accidents to people who have had dentures for years and are looking for something better. I consider myself to be an excessively detail-oriented practitioner and will not be satisfied with anything until it meets my high standard. I personally oversee every step of the process involved including fabrication in the state-of-the-art lab facility on site at the Swiss Denture Center.

Patients have traveled from 23 states and as far away as New York, Alaska, Canada, and even Australia to work with me because of my expertise. The most satisfying part of my job is when a patient first sees his or her new teeth in the mirror. Even though my work enhances my patient’s appearance, the best testament to my skill is when patients tell me, “My friends don’t believe I’m wearing dentures because they look so natural and real!”

Look for my articles published in the Oregonian’s Metro section under the headline: To Your Health. If you have more questions about personalized denture services, please call 503-657-6500 or toll free anywhere in the U.S. at 1-800-446-1369.

– David Chiovelli, D.D.