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Dental Implants and Dentures

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Swiss Dental Implant Center
16130 SE 82nd Dr
Clackamas, Oregon 97015

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My New Teeth Are Awesome

My new teeth are awesome!!!! My friends and family are so impressed with how natural they look! I feel incredible when i smile, and i smile alot..they are absolutely worth it, they have changed my life..thanks guys!!!

My new teeth look and feel great!

Big smiles is what I feel after my experience with Dave and his wonderful staff. It is a bit intimidating to have this type of dental work done, but Dave put my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable every step of the way.
I live in Hawaii so the scheduling was a bit tricky, but everyone in the office worked with me to make sure that I was very well taken care of when I was there. My new teeth look and feel great, so as we say in Hawaii...Mahalo Dave!

by Sarah M on Swiss Denture Center
100% Satisfied

This was the BEST phone call I have ever made! After living with a horrible, ill fitting partial my dentist provided, I was fitted with an amazing flexible partial that I could not be happier with!

Very friendly, professional staff made this a pleasant experience.

Thank you so much!!

by Eric D. on Swiss Denture Center
Holy Smokes...

After starting the process back in 2004 (and having to stop it due to loss of a job) I had gotten used to the idea I would never have a "regular" set of teeth and that eating would come at a cost of soreness. I then met Dr. Dave and the folks over at Beaverton Sleep Dentistry. Between both of these offices, I now have a full smile again (and I'm having to learn how to use it, because after almost 10 years of hiding my teeth it's not like flipping a switch.) The most surprising thing, for me, was that I had in my mind that I would have my dentures ready on the first appointment after getting the extractions done. At the time, I was disappointed that this wasn't the case, but now that the process is done it was worth the extra time. I've been to a family thanksgiving dinner and my brother-in-law didn't even notice I had dentures in until I started talking about the process.

If you are on the fence about getting implants, let me be the apple that knocks you over. Get them, you will be happier once they are in place. I now don't fear the nacho chip! If you've had regular lower dentures, you understand what a pain nachos can be.

by Debi Cameron on Swiss Denture Center

Dr. Dave and his staff are amazing! I went from years wearing mass produced dentures hating the way I looked and trying to perfect a smile without showing my teeth. After getting my implants I am so happy! Once again I have a smile that is real and genuine. I even have a picture of myself on my Facebook profile! Thank you for all of your skill and understanding you are amazing people and the NW is a much happier place with you in it.

I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I smile every chance I get. I don't know how you knew, but your expertise resulted in a smile exactly like the one in my highschool picture. My trip to Hawaii was the greatest. Met lots of old friends and made some new. My love to the darling of denture centers.

Upper and lower implant dentures

Absolutely love the look and feel of my new teeth. From picking the style and color (brightness), to the final implant denture, I felt involved in the process. Dr. David has transformed my mouth from something I was ashamed of, to something I am proud of. I actually had to learn how to smile again, which Is a nice feeling. I recommend him, absolutely. He and his staff have been very helpful.

by Steve B. on Swiss Denture Center
David gave me my smile back with confidence and I have never been happier

After receiving my new dentures at the Swiss Denture Center, I was amazed at how good fitting and natural looking dentures could make me feel again.Making a choice of where to go can make the difference of night and day.Believe me, my first choice was a wrong one,and I payed the price for years.David gave me my smile back with confidence and I have never been happier.

by S. Meyers on Swiss Denture Center
the work performed exceeded my expectations at an amazing level

the work performed exceeded my expectations at an amazing level!!! i can finally smile and eat again and know i have the on going support of the WHOLE Swiss Denture team! thanks from the bottom of my heart you all are a true gift in my life!!

by S. Anthoni on Swiss Denture Center
extractions, dental implants, and dentures

I finally found a place that i was able to feel comfortable with has far as the staff making me feel so accepted and non judgmental and the exceptional one on one attention like i was a part of a family!! i had spent so much of my life at the dentist with root canals, bridges, partials etc not to mention thousands of dollars and the time and discomfort! the Swiss Denture team has given my life back to me with a lifetime commitment of care and understanding!!! and i am forever grateful!!!!

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